sitting on kneeling chair

How to sit on kneeling chair to get the most out of it

The life of an office worker is hectic in itself.  Following the same routine daily, somewhat comparable issues, inability to attend gym daily to maintain a healthy life and what not! This frenetic lifestyle disturbs an office’s physical and mental health, and a wrong sitting posture adds fuel to it.  The medical study proves that …

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kneeling office chair benefits

6 kneeling office chair benefits you might consider

Many office workers are required to spend long periods slouching over their desks, with their backs bowed unnaturally or maintaining a 90-degree stance. As a result, they end their day with muscle soreness, lower back strain, and excessive shin stretching. This has a severe impact on their health and productivity.  Why should a typical office …

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benefits of using a recliner as a computer chair

6 Benefits of using a recliner as a computer/office chair

Long hours spent on an office chair, arranging virtual meetings, and working from home have all grown more typical than ever but have also caused major health effects. In order to avoid issues like muscle stiffness, joint pain, a lifelong slouch, and strain on the lower back, it is crucial to maintain good posture while …

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