6 kneeling office chair benefits you might consider

Many office workers are required to spend long periods slouching over their desks, with their backs bowed unnaturally or maintaining a 90-degree stance. As a result, they end their day with muscle soreness, lower back strain, and excessive shin stretching. This has a severe impact on their health and productivity. 

Why should a typical office chair be the cause of so many problems?

Thanks to advancements in office chairs, they have now come up with the best chairs to help maintain worn-out workers’ posture and eventually boost their output at work. The best way to maintain your energy level is to use some ergonomic chairs. Kneeling office chair benefits with an angled seat that shifts your body forward, rests your shin, and relieves the pressure off your back.

Kneeling Chairs Simplified 

What makes an ergonomic kneeling chair special enough to choose to sit during your working hours must be on your mind. So let us go over some fundamentals about kneeling chairs. 

Kneeling chairs are specifically designed to tilt the thighs 60 to 70 degrees from vertical while sitting.

kneeling chair simplified

The angular seating shape of the kneeling office chair benefits by maintaining easy body posture and evenly distributes body weight by supporting a portion of the weight on the shins. That being said, a kneeling chair for back pain is often used as an ergonomic solution for people who experience lower back pain from sitting in a traditional office chair for long periods of time. It’s the best way to avoid back pain while performing tasks like drawing, painting, or scribbling while bending forward.

Such chairs are a holy grail if you are a person sitting straight to your desk for long hours, performing tasks like drawing, painting, or scribbling that require forward bending posture or working most of the time from your home workspace.

The same has happened with a customer working full-time remotely. After switching to Luxton Home Ergonomic Chair, he feels a drastic change in comfort and relief. As of his words: 

“This chair is so helpful for my back pain! It helps me sit up straight, and my back pain that I used to have daily with my old office chair is practically gone. I work from home full time, so this is a huge relief. It was a little difficult to put together, but not too bad. I was worried the knee rests would be flimsy, but it’s not an issue. And I love that I can rock back and forth!” 

Kneeling chair vs Office chair

When looking for a chair for your workstation, you might be curious about are kneeling chairs good for you? And the distinctions between a kneeling chair vs office chair.

Well! Sitting on them is the primary function of both chairs. The differences in their designs make all the difference.

But Kneeling chairs lack the body support provided by an office chair for the spine because they are designed to be used to rectify the forward bending posture. Your spinal column is straight when working in a kneeling chair, so it does not really need spinal support.

However, kneeling office chair benefits in promoting blood circulation due to the straight spinal position. As the brain gets more nutrition, the core muscles get more active, which helps with attention while working.


The kneeling office chair benefits 

Office workers obsess about having a comfy chair that supports them in preserving their energy levels, body posture, and overall wellness. The kneeling chair offers all these features to its user. The following benefits of adopting kneeling stools as office chairs are mentioned underneath.

Maintains spinal curve 

When one sits on a kneeling chair, the hip angle is opened up by the chair’s design. The effect causes the person to slump forward onto their sitting bones. Because the knees are lower than the waist, the back is less stressed, and the spine is kept in better posture. 

Improved digestion

The forward-tilted pelvis created by the kneeling office chair benefits from adopting the proper spinal cord alignment. The efficient operation of the digestive system is aided by the lessened strain on the internal organs.

Maximum Comfort

Working hours bending your back forward increases pressure on the spinal cord, neck, and shoulder. The continuous use of a kneeling office chair benefits in providing maximum comfort to the body by maintaining posture and preventing back aches. 

Improved ability to breathe 

Sitting at a 90-degree angle on our traditional office chair does not make us realize that we are compressing our diaphragm and lungs, preventing us from taking full breaths. Kneeling chairs make it easier to sit upright, which facilitates easier breathing.

Strengthen muscles 

The absence of back support in kneeling chairs keeps your back and core muscles active for the duration of your workday, which helps in strengthening them consequently improving your posture.

Strengthen muscles 

The absence of back support in kneeling chairs keeps your back and core muscles active for the duration of your workday, which helps strengthen them. 

Increases productivity

One cannot maximize a workday if they are not both physically and psychologically peaceful. Being uncomfortable prevents us from concentrating on our work effectively. The kneeling chair promotes efficiency while delivering the ideal body posture for working, thanks to its ergonomic design and kneeling property! 

The major pitfalls of kneeling office chairs

Side by side with the pros, kneeling chairs have some cons as well, which you should be aware of before opting for one. Below are some of the major pitfalls of kneeling chairs:

Restriction of leg movements

Utilizing a kneeling chair will limit your ability to move your legs, which could eventually compromise healthy blood circulation.

Knee pain 

Knee pain can arise from kneeling chairs for an extended time since they place constant tension on your shin.

Difficult to use 

You will need some time to stand up and sit down.

Note: Many people advise switching between a regular office chair and a kneeling chair to maximize the advantage of kneeling chairs and lessen the adverse effects. 

How to use your kneeling office chair correctly? 

sitting on kneeling chairs


For its unique design, people feel strange about how to sit on kneeling chair. Here is a guide on how to use your kneeling office chair effectively for the best outcomes. 


Step 1: Place your chair on a flat surface

When using a kneeling chair, it is important to make sure that the chair is placed on a flat surface. This will help to prevent the chair from wobbling and makes it easier to get in and out of the chair.

Step 2: Adjust the seat height

The next step is to adjust the seat height of the chair. This can be done by using the adjustment knob on the side of the chair. It is important to make sure that the seat is at a comfortable height for you, as this will help to prevent strain on your back and legs.

Step 3: Place your feet flat on the floor

Once you have adjusted the seat height, you can then place your feet flat on the floor. This will help to keep your feet in a comfortable position and prevents them from slipping out of the chair.

Step 4: Sit back in the chair

When you are ready to sit in the chair, it is important to make sure that you sit back in the chair. This will help to distribute your weight evenly and prevents you from putting strain on your back.

Step 5: Place knees on the knee pads

The following action is to position your knees on the knee pads, keeping them both at the same level. The knee pads relieve pressure on the knees and aid in absorbing pressure from the lower body.

Step 6: Adjust the backrest

If the chair has a backrest, then it is important to adjust it so that it is at a comfortable height for you. This will help to support your back and prevent strain on your spine.

What are the popular kneeling chairs that could be considered for the workplace?

If you are looking for a kneeling chair for your workplace to achieve acting sitting, but you are a little out of budget and buying a kneeling chair is the need of your day, Luxton Home Ergonomic Chair Work is for you! 

The chair is designed in a manner to provide 

✅ Maximum comfort 
✅ Dynamic ergonomy
✅ Durable build

Varier Variable Balans Kneeling Chair might be on your consideration list for the high level of adjustability it offers. Its notable features include: 

✅ Highest quality wood 
✅Provides extra flexibility
✅ Bends better


Are kneeling chairs bad for your knees? 

Kneeling chairs tend to put pressure on your shins to keep your posture and distribute the weight from your lower back. Long-term knee pain may result from using kneeling chairs for extended periods.

To reduce the adverse effects, switching between a regular office chair and a kneeling chair is the best option to consider.

Are kneeling chairs good for work?

If you have to spend a lot of time drawing, painting, or scribbling, or if you are working in a forward-tilted position, kneeling chairs are the ideal option. The kneeling chair’s absence of back support encourages continuous work engagement and strengthens your muscles.

How long should you sit in a kneeling chair?

Kneeling chairs are best suitable for short-term tasks. There is no proper answer to how long you should sit in a kneeling chair, but it is important to frequently change your position and not spend long hours sitting on a kneeling chair to avoid knee ache.

Are kneeling chairs good for your back?

A kneeling chair enhances back health by ensuring that the natural spinal curves are preserved while sitting. It is good to use to reduce stress on the spine’s ligaments and to promote the natural sitting position by putting less stress on the muscles causing fatigue.


Making your office hours productive while maintaining proper posture aids in maintaining body health and boosting energy. In this regard, kneeling office chair benefits people who experience lower back pain and those who want to improve their posture. Although this chair has some drawbacks, following the correct usage guide produces the best outcomes. With good quality and comfortable kneeling office chair, you can make your workstation conducive to increased productivity.

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