Are kneeling chairs bad for your knees? Perks & problems

Kneeling chairs have always been an ideal alternative for office workers and work-from-home tasks, which bounds to work long hours in a hunched position at their workstation to adopt a correct sitting posture while working. But for a few, it ends up giving bad results.

The long-term use of a tilt forward chair increases the risk of developing knee pain and other health-related issues.

So, Are kneeling chairs bad for your knees or not?… It must be the topic of your interest to minimize its adverse effects on your body while working for prolonged hours on your office desk. 

In this guide: The common problems experienced by kneeling chair sitters are outlined, along with experts’ advice on rectifying them to get the best outcomes.

Do kneeling chairs put pressure on the knees? 

Kneeling chairs support the maximum of the body weight by the shins to relieve pressure from the spinal nerves. This puts pressure on the knees, but a good quality knee pad supports the knees. If the kneeling chairs are used for excessive hours, this builds up considerable pressure on the knees, increasing the likelihood of hurting them. The health workers recommend taking short breaks and stretching the body while using it for prolonged hours. 

Are kneeling chairs bad for your knees? 

Are kneeling chairs bad for your knees

The question always arises while searching for the best chairs: Are kneeling chairs bad for your knees? 

The short answer is, No! – But, 

Where the angular seating chair has a list of pros, they also have some cons, which one must be aware of. Let’s go around the potential causes of why your office or a home kneeling chair may not be perfect for you. 

Uncomfortable sitting 

The tilt-forward design of the chair makes it a new experience to use. For a new person, it gets uncomfortable, and they usually end up sitting in the wrong posture, leading to spinal and knee issues. 

It is better to understand how to sit on a kneeling chair.

Pro Tip: In the beginning, use it for a few hours to adjust your body to it. Frequent breaks from your office desk for adopting a standing posture and stretching the body also help in this regard. 

High Body weight

High body weight can be one of the reasons to say that a kneeling chair is not healthy for your knees. 

This chair often has a low weight capacity, around 200-250 lbs. An overweight person can end up damaging their knees most detrimentally.

Lack of adjustment

The lack of adjustment is another reason a kneeling chair is not a perfect option for you to be used as an office or a home chair. Most of the kneeling chairs are not provided with adjustability and lack a backrest and armrest. 

It is better to consider a chair with an adjustability option so you can adjust the seat as per your feasibility to enjoy a pain-free sitting and use it for a standing desk. 

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Knee pain history 

If you have a knee pain history, a kneeling chair is not for you. The angular design of the chair distributes the body weight by putting pressure on the shins, which can worsen your knee health. 

It is better to consult a doctor in such a case before switching to a kneeling chair in your office. 

Perks and cons of kneeling chair 

Let’s start with the advantages.


use kneeling with knee pain

– Natural spinal posture 

Office employees mostly work hunched in their office or at home, dealing with multiple tasks. The kneeling chair offers a tilt forward posture in which the spine’s natural curve is preserved and improves the sitting posture. 

– Enhance breathing and digestion 

The reduced pressure on the internal organs offers better breathing and activates the metabolic system. 

It makes the kneeling chair a perfect option to be used at home or for a standing desk. 

– Increases work productivity 

The lessened pressure on the neck and shoulders makes way to concentrate on the task without distractions and increases job productivity. 


– Varicose veins

Kneeling chairs are not perfect for sitting for long hours as they can restrict the proper blood circulation in your legs, leading to varicose veins. 

It is recommended to take breaks to leave your seat and only use a standing desk or style it with a traditional office seat to get better results. 

– Knee pain 

If you are thinking of completing your task without a break on a kneeling chair, you are not doing good. 

These chairs are not perfect to use for long hours because excessive pressure on the shins can cause knee pain and restrict proper blood circulation.

Final Thoughts

If you have ever thought that “are kneeling chairs bad for your knees?” I have provided you with a post on it to help you make your office and home seat offer the right posture.

Make sure not to use a knee-padded chair if you have a knee pain history; never use it for prolonged job hours to get the best out of it.