How to sit on kneeling chair to get the most out of it

The life of an office worker is hectic in itself.  Following the same routine daily, somewhat comparable issues, inability to attend gym daily to maintain a healthy life and what not!

This frenetic lifestyle disturbs an office’s physical and mental health, and a wrong sitting posture adds fuel to it. 

The medical study proves that a sedentary position impacts the cervical and lumbar spine. The desk-bound state for long hours pressurizes the lower back and internal body organs. This increases the risk of musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and pulmonary disorders.

The disorders associated with desk-bound incorrect postures can be corrected by maintaining a gap between the knees back and the chair to ensure proper blood flow. 

Adopting a standing or a kneeling posture are the other options to maintain a comfortable and healthy posture while working. Still, most people lack knowing how to sit on kneeling chair and end up feeling uncomfortable.

What makes kneeling chair best for sitting? 

You must be wondering about adopting a kneeling posture as it may sound new to you. The kneel chair is designed for office workers who work long hours crouching over their desks, jeopardizing their spinal health. 

A kneel chair benefits by equally dispersing the body weight and supporting some of it by the shins that are placed on a knee pad to offer a comfortable sitting posture. 

I personally found that using a kneeling chair while working as a team coordinator was a huge help. Due to my long hours’ shift, my hip flexors became stiff, and my lower back suffered for months. After a medical recommendation, I moved to use Austin Kneeling Chair. The results were pretty good, but initially, it was a bit uncomfortable.

I started experiencing knee pain and discomfort as I did not have the perfect idea of how to sit on a kneeling chair. But thankfully, my consultant helped me with some tips, and I was able to get used to it in a few days.

If you are looking for a way to improve your posture and relieve some of the pain that comes from sitting in a regular chair, I would highly recommend trying a kneeling chair. You may be surprised at how much difference it can make.

How to sit on a kneeling chair correctly?

The unique design of the kneeling makes people question how to use a kneeling chair to benefit from it most. 

It is important to note that using a kneeling chair is not all good. The kneeling chairs are solely intended for quick jobs. Long periods of incorrect kneeling posture is more likely to hurt the knees by putting pressure on them. 

How to sit on a kneeling chair correctly

Make sure that when you sit on a kneeling chair, you do not lean too forward, and your shin lays across the pad evenly. Keep in a notice that your knees should not make any contact. If your knee makes contact, you are not in the correct posture.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to sit on kneeling chair :  

– Position and adjust your kneeling chair 

The first step is to position your kneeling chair correctly in front of your desk and adjust the seat height using the knob on the side of the chair so that you don’t have to adopt poor posture to reach your desk. 

sitting method while kneeling

– Sit back on the chair 

When you are about to sit on the chair, make sure to sit back with your feet placed flat on the floor. It will help you sit comfortably on the chair, preventing strain on the lower back.

– Put your knees on the pads

The next step is to place your knees (both at the same level) on the knee pads. The knee pads will help absorb strain from lower body parts and reduce knee pressure.


The other sitting postures you might consider

On a kneeling chair, maintaining the same position can be uncomfortable. Then, you must be wondering how to sit on kneeling chair to lessen the discomfort.

I experimented with numerous leg positions while using a kneeling chair at my workplace, and it was incredibly helpful in helping me develop a good sitting habit.

– Alternating legs on knee pad 

Muscle tightness might result from sitting in a kneeling chair with both knees resting on the knee pad. Alternate your legs on the knee pad so that one is at ease and lying flat on the ground.

– Switch between kneeling and office chair

You can never put your regular office chair out of your work room. Switching between a regular office chair and a kneeling chair is one of the best options to use a kneeling chair to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Health benefits of a kneeling chair 

During office hours, most people do not get out the time to observe their sitting posture, which deteriorates their health in the long term. A kneeling chair offers a list of benefits, from a natural spinal curve to strengthening body muscles. Here are some pros of adopting a kneeling chair. 

Treats hip flexors

The hip flexors become stiff after prolonged use of a normal office chair. The kneeling chair aids in the relief of hip flexors by reducing the strain on your glutes and hamstrings. 

Corrects curvature of the spine

Working long hours in a crouched posture eliminates the correct curvature of the spine. It increases pressure on the intervertebral discs, leading to the development of disc herniation in the future. 

The kneeling chair opens the hip angle and makes a person sit on their sitting bones. The ergonomically designed chair keeps the knees lower than the waist and helps the spine to preserve the natural curve. 

Corrects curvature of the spine with kneeling

Reduced muscle tension 

A research study was conducted to study the lumbar posture and muscular activity while sitting during office work. The results indicated distinct variations between seats with and without backrests. They confirmed that the seat without back support preserves lumbar lordosis and is accompanied by reduced muscle tension in the lumbar region. 

Due to the lack of back support, the kneeling chair aids in stimulating the core muscles, reducing muscle tension, and improving work productivity and stability. 

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What’s the healthiest way to sit?

Most of us hurt our spinal health by sitting in the wrong posture without even realizing it. Sitting in a posture where the buttocks touch the back of the chair and the natural S-curve of the spine is sustained, with no strain on the shoulder or lower body parts, is the healthiest way to sit.

How long should you sit on kneeling chair?

Office workers sometimes unintentionally spend long hours on a kneeling chair, but is kneeling good for you for prolonged hours? 

It is not recommended to use a kneeling chair for long periods of time. It is advised to only use a kneeling chair for brief chores, no longer than 30 to 45 minutes. This can be greatly aided by alternately using a kneeling and regular office chair.

Is kneeling on chair better than sitting?

Sitting long hours on a regular office chair makes a person slump on their desk and puts strain on the lower back. Kneeling instead of sitting benefits the office workers by maintaining a natural spinal curve and preventing slouching over the desk

Are kneeling chairs good for hip flexors?

Kneeling chair posture helps to treat hip flexors as it lengthens them and alleviates the pressure from the glutes and hamstrings.

Why are kneeling chairs so expensive?

Investing in kneeling chairs is better than investing in meditation for back aches. Depending on the build quality, warranty, and ergonomic design of a kneeling chair, the kneeling chair’s price is worth it. 


Office workers are often not conscious of their health while working long hours sitting at their desks, not going for any outings or adventures, no gym or light exercises, and not much walking, affecting their work productivity. The increasing pressure on the spinal cord and muscle stiffness due to desk-bound working hours are among the working community’s common issues.

Styling a kneeling chair with a traditional office chair helps to minimize these effects by offering a natural sitting position where the lower back is less strained, and the shoulders feel more relaxed. Investing in an ergonomically designed kneeling chair helps to maintain a healthy sitting posture and increases work efficiency. I hope you now better understand how to sit on kneeling chair.