Best kneeling chair for standing desk – Top 5 compared

Ahead of suffering lower back pain and muscle stiffness caused by sitting incorrectly in the office chair for long periods, I was a productive office worker who used to complete the assigned tasks swiftly. After trying out several office stools, I decided to go with the kneeling chair because of its merits, especially in maintaining a balanced body posture.

Have you ever experienced strain on your shoulders and lower back after long hours of duty at your office desk? 

I was experiencing the same, and even after having a kneeling chair at my workspace (this might be because it was not much ergonomic as it should be – hands down, it was my mistake, but I won’t let you be down in the weeds with a wrong choice.)

I tried multiple kneeling chairs, and the Sleek Form was my top pick as the best kneeling chair for standing desk to keep my core engaged. They produce affordable seats without compromising quality, providing maximum comfort for the back, knees, and calves.

Best kneeling chair for a standing desk

Based on the expert guidance + my personal experience so far, below is a comparison table of the rocking seat in this post to help you decide the best kneeling chair for standing desk. 

Best Overall - Austin Knee Stool 

Sleek Form

➡️ Opens hip angle
➡️ Versatile usability 
➡️ Offers rocking movement

Best Affordable - Predawn Kneeling Chair

➡️ Enhance body posture 
➡️ Perfect for home and office use.
➡️ Easy to assemble

Most Bolstering Pick - Oxfield  rocking Stool

➡️ Top Tier Materials
➡️ Focus with Rocking
➡️ 360-degree rotating wheel 
➡️ Adjustable height

Top Adjustable Kneeling Chair - NYPOT Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

➡️ Adjustable height 
➡️ Thick knee cushion 
➡️ Rocking base secured with three slats 
➡️ Wobble Motion

High quality Pick - Flash Furniture Mobile Kneeling Office Chair

➡️ Height Adjustable
➡️ Dual wheel casters 
➡️ Commercial Grade Tested
➡️ Easy to assemble

Continue reading below to learn about the boon and bane of the mentioned kneeling, to pick the best product according to your comfort. 

What is a kneeling chair? 

standing desk Kneeling Chair for Good Posture

Working for prolonged hours while sitting on a flat office seat or using a standing desk harms an office worker’s health by adding strain on the internal organs, causing varicose veins and lower back pain, consequently affecting their job productivity. 

As the name says, a kneeling chair is the type of seat that distributes the body weight equally by supporting some of the weight by the shins. Its ergonomic yet unique design helps to open the hip angle, tilts it forward, and removes the pressure from the lower back to benefit by preserving the natural S-curve of the spine while sitting or using the kneeling chair for standing desks to obviate stooping over the work desk. 

PS: A detailed buying guide is discussed to help you out in making the right decision. Be sure to keep reading till the end!

1- Sleek Form Austin Knee Stool

sleek form Austin Knee Stool

Best Overall

▶️ It Features,
– Rocking motion
– 70° angle of the seat cushion
– 20-ply birchwood

▶️ Ratings: 5/5
▶️ Price: Below $250

Austin knee stool has always been my top choice to use for versatile purposes. I’ve used this chair and my standing desks and found it the best overall product (from utilizing it for meditation to preserving body position during work from home or using it with a standing desk). It is appropriate for sitting at any normal 29″ height desk or table and comes with a 4-inch thick cushion for the body’s utmost comfort.

What I like

  • Promotes active sitting and increases job productivity. 
  • The 70° angle of the seat cushion opens the hip angle for effortless upright posture.
  • 3 wood cross bars for strength and durability. 

My dislikes

  • The thick foam makes the seat a little uncomfortable to be used by a short-height person.

💺 Check Sleek Form Knee Chair Details

2- Predawn Kneeling Chair

predawn kneeling chair

Best Affordable

▶️ It Features,
– High comfort
– Ergonomic design
– With 2-year warranty

▶️ Ratings: 4.5/5
▶️ Price: Under $150

The internal body organs are under additional stress by sitting stooped over an office desk for lengthy periods, which interferes with breathing and normal blood flow. 

I found predawn as the best heavy-duty kneeling chair as an affordable piece of a rocking seat in the market. It offers a sophisticated design that tilts the pelvis forward and promotes a dynamic sitting position. 

The breathable linen fabric encourages work productivity in the office by not giving a sweaty feel.  

What I like 

  • Functional design to keep the spine aligned naturally.
  • Lightweight.
  • Rocking motion to focus on long work stretche.

My dislikes 

  • I consider the non-adjustable frame to be a drawback because it prevents from adjusting the seat and restricts to adopt a comfortable position.

💺 Check Predawn Ergonomic Chair Details

3- Oxfield Kneeling Chair

Most Bolstering Pick 

▶️ It Features,
– Ergonomic design
– Budget-friendly

▶️ Ratings: 4.5/5
▶️ Price: Around $100

When it came to testing a comfortable sitting on the angled rocking stool, Luxton is my bolstering pick to work on the standing office desk. Polyacrylic Fabric and wood are used in its manufacturing. 

It is my best kneeling chair because it offers smooth-moving universal wheels, making it convenient to use as a desk seat.

What I like 

  • 3“comfort cushion.
  • 360° rotating wheels and height adjustments.
  • High-quality beech wood.

My dislikes 

  • Few folks complained about a not properly functioning rotating wheel, but the same was not in my case. 

💺 Check Oxfield Knee Chair Details

4- NYPOT Rocking Knee Stool

NYPOT Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Top Adjustable 

▶️ It Features,
– Modern design, high-quality materials
– Versatile and durable
– Best kneeling chair for tall and short people (both)

▶️ Ratings: 4.3/5
▶️ Price: Around $160

Looking for the best kneeling chair for standing desk that can be used for multiple purposes? 

The NYPOT rocking knee stool offers height adjustability with a thick knee cushion for relaxing sit. It is perfect to be used at the home, office, or in school to keep the core muscles activated while maintaining focus on the assigned task. 

What I like

  • Supports up to 250lb.
  • Perfect for your home, office, or classroom.
  • Rocking base – secured with 3 slats.

My dislikes

  • Fine for short-term sitting only.

💺 Check Nypot Knee Stool Details

5- Flash Furniture Mobile Kneeling Office Chair

NYPOT Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Best Imported

▶️ It Features,
– Natural wood
– Easy to assemble
– Both for commercial and personal use

▶️ Ratings: 4/5
▶️ Price: Around $130

You probably risk your spinal health if you work from home or spend hours slouching over your office desk. 

This ergonomic knee stool provides a supportive padded seat with 2″ of foam to offer a relaxing position. It is perfect to be used at home or to be used with a standing desk to get maximum health benefits.

What I like

  • Breathable fabric.
  • Dual wheel casters.
  • Fire retardant foam.

What I dislike

  • Some reviewers complained about cheap quality wood.

💺 Check Flash Furniture Wooden Kneeling Chair

Things to consider to buy a kneeling chair 

The kneeling chair is meant to provide maximum comfort to the office workers spending hours slouching over their desks. What if you regret your choice even after having the best kneeling chair for standing desk? 

The angular seat offers an angular sitting position,  but what if your seat does not meet the required conditions? 

Best kneeling chair for standing desk

Here are a few things to consider before shopping for it.

Check Angle

It is recommended to use a seat offering an angle up to 120 – 130 degrees so that the body pressure is evenly distributed without putting excessive pressure on the shins, which is in the case of a flat 90-degree traditional office seat. 

Adjustable seat height 

It is better to look for an ergonomic kneeling chair offering adjustable seat height to make your access to your work desk easy. A seat provided with a backrest can also be a good option to look for. 

Knee pads

It is very important to check the quality of knee pads material and its thickness. Since the pelvis is tilted forward, the body pressure is supported by the shins, so a quality knee pad is the best thing to stay comfortable. 

Material Quality

Sometimes manufacturer offers everything except a sturdy body material. This is important to consider as most kneeling chairs for standing desks break after a few months of use. The best way to check is to read the kneeler chair reviews online.

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Are kneeling chairs better than normal chairs?

Using a kneeling chair is better than a normal desk during long working hours. The angular design of the seat tilts the pelvis forward, minimizing the pressure on the body’s lower back. The steep angle of the chair makes it easy to rock the chair rather than slouch on the desk, risking the body’s health. 

Can you use a kneeling chair with a standing desk?

To work on a standing desk all day becomes quite painful because of slouching on it for long hours and varicose veins. You can use a kneeling chair for a standing desk if it is at your sitting level.

Is a kneeling chair or standing desk better?

A kneeling chair is beneficial if you are prone to long hours of sitting or standing. A correct kneeling chair posture offers a tilted forward position which is also best to be used with a height adjustable standing desk. 

Is kneeling at your desk good for you?

Kneeling chair is a blessing for the long-hour office workers,  who work in a slouched posture all day, affecting their productivity and health. 

Kneeling at your desk is good for you to distribute your body pressure by supporting your shins and encouraging active sitting. 

Can you use a kneeling chair all day?

The excess use of anything is not good, and so is the kneeling chair. It is recommended not to sit on the kneeling chair for prolonged hours as it can put excessive pressure on the knees, leading to knee pain. 

The better approach is to take short breaks while using a kneeling chair or switch between kneeling and the regular office chair to get the best results. 


To minimize the adverse effects on the health linked with prolonged hours of sitting and standing in the office, it is important to maintain a proper body posture throughout your day. 

When buying a kneeling chair for a standing desk or for using it at home, check the quality of knee pads and look for an adjustable seat to help you get maximum comfort from your seat.