6 Benefits of using a recliner as a computer/office chair

Long hours spent on an office chair, arranging virtual meetings, and working from home have all grown more typical than ever but have also caused major health effects. In order to avoid issues like muscle stiffness, joint pain, a lifelong slouch, and strain on the lower back, it is crucial to maintain good posture while sitting. Using a recliner as a computer chair avoid muscular fatigue in the office by allowing the body weight to be distributed over the back.

reclining office chair

What is reclining office chair?

Why drain our energy on an outdated, unpleasant work chair?

The need for a comfortable office chair has become more acute. The recliner combined with an executive chair allows those who spend long hours at a desk to set up the chair to their preferences, maintains body pressure, and ultimately boosts productivity.

Because of this, recliners are in high demand in today’s workplace.

These chairs serve as a blessing in disguise for the people who work long hours sitting at their desks, manage multiple tasks and conclude their day with neck and back discomfort, mental fatigue, and other problems.

Using the recliner as a computer chair enables the worker to adapt to the regular office environment, mentally refresh themselves, and avoid sitting for extended periods of time in the same position. In fact, you can lay down at your desks and can take a much-needed break.

Is reclining in an office chair good?

The human body is not intended for prolonged periods of work without breaks. If not, the body exhibits symptoms of stress, which reduces productivity.

A cross-sectional study was conducted that included 447 Iranian office workers to survey the prevalence of sitting behavior and its adverse effects. The results concluded that long sitting times were associated with exhaustion during the working day, decreased job satisfaction, hypertension, and musculoskeletal disorder symptoms in office workers’ shoulders, lower back, thighs, and knees.

benefits of using a recliner as a computer chair

Using the recliner as a computer chair is an effective way to combat the negative consequences of prolonged sitting. Because of the office chair’s recliner feature, the back pressure is lessened and the chair is adjustable. The leg rest on the reclining office chair ensures optimum blood circulation by keeping the knees from pressing against the seat edge.

6 benefits of using a recliner as a computer chair 

Many office workers fantasize about finding a comfortable setting where they may spend the day getting work done. The first result of this is a cozy computer chair that makes the body feel comfy. However, investing in utilizing a recliner as a computer chair is not just for the sake of maintaining strain and bodily comfort. I’ll list a few more causes below:

1- Back relief

Given the long work hours, you might not be permitted to leave your desk, which makes you feel worn out and may cause lower back pain. The reclining feature in the office chair makes it easy to adjust the position with a pull of a lever.

2- Relaxing naps

The office is really not a place to take naps but what to do when you are doing over time and have a task at the 11th hour. You must need fresh air to relax your mind and bounce back to your work with high morale. 

The backrests of reclining chairs include the breathable mesh, allowing you to take a restful snooze even in the summer without worrying about your back becoming sweaty.

3- Distributes pressure of the lower back

Sitting in a stiff office chair for a prolonged period of time is challenging. As a result of the pressure on our hips, it causes discomfort in our bodies. While focusing intently on office tasks, you may not really notice it, but over time, it might have a negative impact on our backbone.

reclining chair distribute load over back

Reclining chairs fit to overcome this issue as its mechanism helps to distribute the body weight and increases the back support.  

4- Leg rest

Are you the one who feels discomfort after long hours working at your desk? You must have that traditional office chair that was maybe just built without worrying much about your health. Recliner chairs are provided with leg rest which helps to keep the knee from being pressed with the edge of the seat and assures proper blood circulation in the body

5- Proper blood circulation

It is crucial to feel refreshed during prolonged seated work hours. Work productivity is impacted by mental stress, which also impacts blood circulation. Our bodies receive the right amount of oxygen when we use a recliner as a computer chair, which also promotes physical fitness and reduces stress.

6- Increases productivity

Without feeling physically and psychologically calm, one can never make the most out of their work day.  The feeling of uncomfort does not allow us to properly focus on our work. With its ergonomic design and leg rest, the reclining chair delivers the optimal body posture for working and boosts efficiency.

The best comfortable reclining chairs 

I have seen office workers devoting their time looking for a comfortable recliner chair to be used as their office desk. To make your search easy and give you some moments of relaxation, below are my top picks to take into consideration as an alternative to your standard office chair.

  1. Hbada E3 Ergonomic Office Chair
  2. Reclining High Back Mesh Chair 

Hbada E3 ergonomic office chair 

The ergonomic Hbada E3 office chairs are created with the needs of office employees in mind.  Their reclining chairs include some of the best features available, including:

Hbada E3 ergonomic office reclining chair 

3D Lumbar support: It has 3D Lumbar support, which eases the strain on your lower back while assisting you in maintaining a comfortable sitting position.

Multi-function: It is provided with height adjustable armrests,  20° rotation headrest adjustment and the depth of the cushion can be adjusted.

Lean back to 90°, 100°, 115°: E3 Ergonomic Office chair offers reclination up to 90°, 100°, and 115°. What else one can wish for! 

Comfortable Sitting:  You will have strong support from the high-elastic nylon unique net, which is comfortable and breathable.

Reclining high back mesh chair

Reclining high back mesh chair

If you are a little out of budget, but buying a recliner chair is the need of your day, the reclining back mesh chair is for you! 

In the competition to offer comfortable chairs to worn-out office workers, reclining high-back mesh chairs are competing.

Among its best qualities are:

Lockable Reclining Function: The locked reclining feature makes it simple to work in this high back mesh chair for extended periods of time by allowing you to lock the reclination at your preferred position.

Adjustable Headrest & Retractable Footrest:  To enable the greatest relining position, the headrest is adjustable, and the soft, padded footrest is positioned just beneath the seat.


How to recline an office chair?

Reclining office chairs comes with different mechanisms. Some reclining chairs, recline without the food support and tilts back as the backrests on the mesh seat back. In another design, the feet are used to support the reclining position. Recliners with adjustable recliner tension should have a pair of thumb wheels or wing nuts beneath the seat.

Can a recliner chair be used as an office chair?

Recliners are the best to be used as an office chair as it provides home comfort at your office desk.  Your office is not a place of rest but to prepare your body for a long tiring day,  it gives head-to-leg rest all in one go. Once you switch from using your traditional office chair to using a recliner as a computer chair, there is no going back.

Using a recliner as your desk chair?

Using a recliner as your desk chair is the best option to go. Recliner office chairs are ergonomic and are built up in order to provide a headrest to legrest. It relieves the muscular pressure and reprieves your body when you lay down at it and get a short nap. 

Ergonomic office chairs with leg support are what people wish for in long work hours! 

How can I make my recliner more comfortable?

Your reclining position is likely incorrect if you experience discomfort while lying in a recliner. Change the angle of your chair and the pressure your body applies to make it recline. In order to improve comfort, certain reclining chairs come with wing nuts under the seat.

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