Inspiring work office decorating ideas on a budget

Are you done with the thought of starting another day in your boring workroom dealing with multiple tasks sitting on an ergonomic office chair? An ergonomic office chair is not everything to stay energetic and motivated, but the office interior matters too. 

According to the American Society of Interior Designers, office decor shapes the social environment to boost employee performance and productivity.

All you need is a warm, attractive office room to keep yourself energetic and your morale high during duty hours. The best part is that there is no need to invest your hard-earned money in hiring interior designers to inject colors into your workplace. I have your back with a list of work office decorating ideas on a budget to create a positive environment and design your office.

Decorating Ideas At A Glance

I’ve covered a lot in this guide that even I don’t know at my finger tips. But don’t worry, you and I can see a quick overview of what to consider when decorating the office with the quick bullet points mentioned underneath.

P.S. Most of them are linked to helpful resources where many such products are listed for you to make the right purchase. Be sure to bookmark/save this page so that you can always come here to have a quick snap of the list.

  1. Lightenings ⚡️ – For a better feel
  2. Natural / Artificial Plants ☘️ – For natural relaxation
  3. Wall Art 🗺 – Can motivate & uplift your mode
  4. Floorboards – A better alternative to carpets
  5. Scented Candles 🕯 – Relaxation feel and productivity booster
  6. Honeycomb Shelves 🗄 – The best decorating bet
  7. Desk Aesthetics 💻 – Follow for the clean workspace
  8. Team Photos 🖼 – Keep memories in front
  9. Chalk It Up 📋- For general notes and motivations
  10. Wallpaper  🖼– Lift the look of your drawers
  11. Colorful Accessories 📖 – Like pen, notepad, mouse and etc

There is no thumb rule; just do it as you like and always thrive to be comfortable.

Add lights to your office

If you feel sluggish while working on your tasks, it is time to take a closer look at the lighting you provide in the office. Try using recessed lighting or bring some floor or desk lamps from your home to offer yourself an even light that looks aesthetically pleasing. 

Office lighting can be drab, especially when the curtains are drawn. Ditch the curtains and let some natural light in to maximize light during the daytime. 

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Recessed office lighting
natural light in office

Incorporate plants all around 

Adding plants is one of the best tactics to welcome a tranquil atmosphere as nature relaxes the human mind and replenishes focus. Real plants will be the best decorating option if you can access natural light in your office. Additionally, add some aloe vera and lily plants to raise your desk’s aesthetic appeal and allow them to double as an air purifier. 

Get the plant that is interesting to you and the people around you to bring life into your workplace. 

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Plant decor
Office decoration

– DIY: Grow a cute office indoor plant  

You may be looking for economic decor ideas to add colors to your office. Here is a tip on how to decorate a work office by reusing or recycling a plastic bottle. 

Office indoor plants DIY tips
  1. Take a plastic bottle and cut it horizontally from the center. 
  2. Now take the bottom part of the bottle and decorate it using beads or shells. 
  3. Fill it with the soil and place an aloe vera plant in it. 
  4. Decorate the surroundings of the allover plant with small cute, and colorful pebbles to give it an aesthetic look. 

Your cute office plant is ready! 

Add wall art

Wall art is another option to consider if you are looking for work office decorating ideas on a budget. An office person needs an uplifting environment when he feels drained while sitting on the office chair to keep his spirits high. 

Look for a wall sculpture that suits your office theme, hang your initials in your office, or print a mural wall with your company’s logo on it to feel like a boss! 

Decorating your wall with some framed motivational quotes will also give an appealing look to your office and help you keep motivated while you juggle a hectic schedule. 

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Wall decoration
motivational wall art design

Invest in floorboards

Carpets are a big no to go for if you are enthusiastic about your office design.  Carpets trap dust particles, which are difficult to remove and hazardous to one’s health. It is also more prone to wear and tear by the desks or chairs in a commercial environment which might impair the aesthetic design of your office.

Swap the carpet with the floorboards to open the door to bring a change to your office settings. You can add decor by grouping the chairs around a table over a colorful rug or placing fresh flowers or plants in a corner to inspire productivity. 

Placing a rocking chair with a comfy chair pillow will also be a considerable tip to add texture to your room and get yourself some moments of relaxation on an exhausting day.

decorative furniture

Light the surroundings with scented candles

Creating an uplifting environment is the best tip for enhancing productivity and releasing stress, but it is not limited to an ergonomic office chair. Research studies show that lighting a scented candle or utilizing an essential oil diffuser at your desk will lift up your spirits.

Essential oil diffuser

Returning to the office’s hectic routine after a relaxing weekend feels tiring. I will personally give you a tip for using the rosemary aroma to perk up your mood. Jasmine, lemon, or a coffee fragrance around you can improve your mental focus and is a great idea to energize and refresh your environment.

Poor indoor air quality and ventilation can instantly bring all your aesthetics to zero and can also disturb your well-being. Always use professional air purifiers in your room to minimize the risk of sick building syndrome and increase ventilation and purification for immunocompromized particles. 

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Scented office candles

Get creative with honeycomb shelve

One can never go out of ideas when it comes to office decor. 

Decorating your office is a great way to show off your creative sense, and honeycomb shelves perfectly do it. The honeycomb design shelves are a cheap way to decorate your office at work. You can use it to display your book collections, candles, cute planters, and painted vases with colorful stationery or artificial flowers inside to add beauty to your office. 

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Honeycomb office shelves

Work on desk aesthetics

You are at a loss if you decorate your office while neglecting your work desk. It is important to have a relaxing look as you have to sit here all day dealing with your clients and accomplishing tasks. The office desk looks messy if the files are piled up with cluttered stationery all over, restricting you from keeping engaged with your tasks. 

workdesk decor

Here are some tips for work office decorating ideas on a budget: 

– Organize your desk 

Start organizing your table by clearing away all the extra items. Place your desktop right in front of your chair to avoid slouching, and only put the necessary stuff on your table within your reach. 

Here are some tips to follow to organize your desk. 

  1. Use floating shelves to organize your files. 
  2. Use a document holder to organize notes. 
  3. Put related objects in a single section using a desk organizer or a customized drawer.
tips to Organize office desk

– Repurpose kitchen glassware 

There is a list of never-ending ideas for decorating your office desk. If you want holders to organize your stationery, you can repurpose your kitchen glassware. Design or bring bright printed glasses to your office desk to use as a pencil pot, which will surely bring a smile to your face.

Stationery organizer

Pro tip: Let the fresh air circulate in your office and use an air purifier to maintain the air quality and combat all sources of air pollution.


Add team photos to the wall display

Looking for some economic ideas on how to decorate work office

A photo wall is a wonderful way of welcoming aesthetics in your office. Frame your memorable group photos with your colleagues of an event or make a collage of your achievements to relive your memories. Decorating a wall with photos on display will undoubtedly be a practical and stylish design for your office. 

Home office wall ideas

Chalk it up 

We all have used chalkboard paint in our home, then why resist welcoming it into our office? Using chalkboard paint in the office is a unique idea to welcome design and take quick notes while spicing up the decor on a budget and having some fun with fonts and size.

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Chalkboard paint

Refresh drawer with a wallpaper

Using eye-catching wallpapers will lift up the look of your drawers. Consider your aesthetics when selecting a wallpaper. Using mismatched wallpaper with your office decor is a wonderful tip you can consider to design your office. 

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Wallpaper desk decor


Disclaimer: Please refrain from wallpapering every square inch of your drawers. You will probably end up giving it a nasty look! 

Add colorful accessories

One of the affordable ideas you can consider is to put colored accessories to add tempting touches to your desk. To make your office appear distinctive and fascinating, try a customized wireless mouse, a stapler, or keyboard stickers to add art to your keyboard.

helpful oworkspace accessories

Important: Make it comfortable 

Along with decorating your office, always prioritize making your room comfortable to prevent the daily workday slump. Look for a comfortable ergonomic office chair with the right height for your desk to avoid putting pressure on your lower back and help you to maintain focus while accomplishing tasks. 

Comfortable office sitting

A decorating and inspiring office design lifts up the mood after a tiring day and helps people feel better about themselves and stay motivated and focused on completing their daily tasks. Hopefully, after reading this blog now, you are inspired and have a list of work office decorating ideas on a budget to add aesthetical decor to your office. Set a spending limit for the interior design of your office, and with a few easy tweaks, you will have a space you are going to enjoy working in.

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